Tessa Blanken: How lilies surprised and inspired my clients

The moment the lilies were in the store, they caught people's attention.

I am Tessa Blanken, Tess to friends. Together with my team I run a wonderful store called Bloom beej Tess in Venlo. My wish is that as soon as you enter the store, you will be overwhelmed by a blur of color. You won't find anything boring here!

And like my store, we are a colorful personality, are full of passion and exude creativity. We help our customers with everything from beautiful flowers to interior styling and advice. Therefore, when I was asked to create a lily design as Bredefleur Friend, I knew it was a perfect match.


We like to work with lilies

We love working with Bredefleur's lilies. They have a wonderful fragrance and do not smell. This is a super nice feature because the smell of lilies often puts customers off.

The lilies have a very long vase life, perhaps too long! Every day you hope they have opened further to behold the beautiful color. The full flowers make a picking bouquet twice as beautiful.

Lilies may have a somewhat stuffy image, but these lilies are far from dusty. The beautiful colors totally fit the 2023 trend. The fuller the color the better!

"We got a lot of questions and interest. We didn't expect that! This shows that sometimes you have to try new products. They can just surprise you."

Getting the customer's attention

The moment the lilies were in the store, they attracted the attention of customers. We received many questions and interest; we did not expect this! This also shows that sometimes you just have to try new products. They can surprise you just like that!

The advantage of the lily is that it is already a beautiful thing when it is closed, but every day it changes the appearance of a bouquet. So it becomes a real blooming bouquet that surprises you again.

We like to give it to florists around the world to share these gems. Take photos and share them on your social media. Tell the story of the lily. Trust us, people will do anything to come to you if you can inspire them from a distance. We are fans, and we will buy them more often!

Greetings from Tess



The lilies used in these designs are Lily Apricot FudgeLily Original Love, Lily Viva la Vida. Special thanks to nursery Bredefleur and wholesaler B.G. de Mooij