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Who are Bredefleur Friends, or our BFFs?

We are naturally proud of our lilies and see that many creative florists share this passion with us. Our mission is to connect different chains in our industry, because we believe that together you can achieve so much more. By connecting our lily fans (BFFs), they can share inspiration and challenge each other creatively.

We are BFFs

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Every month a florist gets the opportunity to take the stage on our BFF platform. Sign up here and show your creativity. And in return, get a BFF welcome box with your favorite lilies to get started!

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Florist of the month

Every month, florists get the opportunity to grab your stage on our BFF platform.

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Lily of the month

Each month we want to inspire by sharing a beautiful lily from our range.

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Through connection, we can continue to challenge and inspire each other. Show your work, share your inspiration.

This month's BFF



Nymph is a lily that is royal

Beautiful lilies with huge buds and huge blooming flowers! That's what immediately comes to mind when someone asks me what I think of the lily Nymph from Bredefleur, a grower known for producing beautiful flowers.

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Lily of the month


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The Zambesi was once the first white trumpet lily in Bredefleur's Oriental line. This lily is still distinguished by the beautiful structure of the branch. The Zambesi lily is available year round.

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Curious about how your lilies are growing?

Levi is happy to show you around the Bredefleur greenhouse. This can be done live, but also via Whatsapp.

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Join our BFFs and share your creativity with others.

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