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Ivan Bergh: Winter wonderland

My Lily Winter Wonderland Creations as a BFF

Are you feeling the Christmas and winter feel yet? Lilies never disappoint and my creations can inspire you for this season!

Although winter is strongly felt in some regions of the world, nothing beats winter and Christmas floral arrangements. This time I would like to thank Bredefleur for allowing me to be their BFF (Bredefleur friend) of the month and the opportunity to create amazing floral arrangements with their spectacular range of lilies, ranging from delicate white to even pink hues to brighten up the winter season.

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Lilies from Bredefleur never disappoint

When it comes to creating, I love having some of my favorite flowers in my hands to create floral art. This includes, of course, using neutral colored lilies like white, but I'm also a big fan of colored lilies, especially when the winter blues hit and more darkness is on the horizon. Over the past few days, I have enjoyed creating designs using Bredefleur's beautiful lilies. These are not just any designs though, I was thinking of creating colorful floral designs with visual appeal that already give a Christmas atmosphere, since this special holiday is only a few months away.

To begin with, I have the intense and icy white of the lily Bach used because it goes beautifully with the warm and rustic color of the wood and wool used to create a modern Christmas tree, a design with multiple uses, as a centerpiece in a party room or decoration at the entrance of a hall. You will surely surprise all your guests with such an imposing floral design like this. I hope you can get inspiration from my designs and see how beautiful it is to work with lilies.

The perfect winter wedding can include white lilies from Bredefleur

Staying on white shades, my choice fell on the beautiful lily Zambesi which is ultimately an elegant flower with strong and incisive lines that perfectly match the impeccable shapes of the lily. This is without a doubt an unmistakable, elegant and incisive design, ideal for a breathtaking gift for the winter days or even the Christmas vacations.

Lasting Love

Vivid red love

Lily Lasting Love for me is the perfect name for this XL lily that single-handedly dominates the entire design. The wonderfully harmonious contrast between the lily's vibrant red and nature that resists time makes this design eternal and rich in history, where the eye lingers in search of details.

The dance of bright and austere lilies

The joy of celebration, of Christmas dawning, is fully relived in the dance of these brightly colored Carbonero lilies accompanied by the austere lily Trebbiano, as if they restore order to a set table for the party. Games of color and sparkling baubles complete a design that brings the heart to the warm joy of the holidays.

Thank you Bredefleur for letting me be your BFF this month. There is nothing I enjoyed more than creating these artistic floral arrangements with the endless beauty of lilies.

The lilies used in these designs are Bach, Zambesi, Lasting Love, Carbonero and Trebbiano.

Martijn Schevernels

My name is Ivan Berghella, everyone calls me Ivan Bergh. I am Italian, I live and work in Pescara. I graduated as an accountant in 1996, but immediately decided to take a new path. I wanted to work in the world of flowers. In 2001 I began my first collaboration with the European Athenaeum of Floral Art as an international teacher and juror, a collaboration that continued until 2011. In the meantime, in the years 2006 and 2007 I also participated in 6 different international seminars with the Flornet project in Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. I participated in several florist competitions, won the Italian championship and obtained second and third places in international championships in Sweden and Denmark. In my life there have always been flowers, my parents grew flowers, so my passion and my feeling for flowers must have been born spontaneously. Probably this led me to become a florist, then my opening to the world led me to international collaborations. I opened my school where we learn all about compositions, flowers and how to use them. You learn how to become a florist, but above all and most importantly, you learn to experiment, to dare with new materials, new forms. It gives space to the imagination to make it visible and give it form. I think flowers can express our feelings, give a voice to our emotions. With colors, shapes and materials we can communicate everything we have inside us as artists. Flowers, love and passion...