Your favorite lime green lily

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odorless LA

LA 4-5 buttons

Available year round

What a beautiful color! It is our special lily Trebbiano which is really unique because of its unique lime green color. The lilies are even a little soft cream in color. Bredefleur has the exclusive rights to breed this lily in the Netherlands.

The perfect lily for the home
The perfect lily for a bouquet
The perfect lily for a unique difference
The perfect lily for parties
The perfect lily for year-round
IAP Trebbiano Bredefleur Mar 2023 -257
2022 IAP Bredefleur April-1014 Trebbiano

Trebbiano fits any bouquet

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_DSC2644 copy
zelmira trebbiano

Creatively challenged or inspired? Our BFF Kristina has made beautiful creations with lily Trebbiano.

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