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Pascal: Ambianze Bloem & Sfeer

Who are you? What is the name of your company?

My name is Pascal Zijlmans. Together with my wife Angélique I own our beautiful florist shop called: Ambianze Bloem & Sfeer, see Together with our team we cater to the private and business market. We stand for customization and quality. In addition to flower arrangements, we also provide plant placement (including hydroponics) and decoration for the office, home addresses or events.

What makes the lily special to you?

The most beautiful thing about lilies are the surprising flowers, which emerge from the buds. Sometimes there are beautiful drawings on the flowers and other times the flower has a beautiful bright color. One does not always know exactly what beautiful flower comes out of the bud. That is what makes the lily especially beautiful!

Pascal Zijlmans
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Which lily do you like best?

I find that hard to say. Because when we incorporate a lily in a certain creation, it can be such a strong addition that I can appreciate another species better and differently.

Tell something about the creation, you made with our lilies

I made several creations, especially in the wedding theme. For example, I incorporated the lily as a bud in several floral foam bulbs. These bulbs are tightly stitched up with chrysanthemums. With the lily buds I managed to create a tight trendy line in the bulb. I also made several flower arrangements. Some with a lot of depth and height differences.

On the catwalk on the stage of our FlowerCircus show, the lilies played a prominent role in a floral arrangement made on a marble slab. The lilies were arranged in a beautiful fan shape.

I have also incorporated lilies into bridal work: ton-sur-ton, color-coordinated. I often put the buds on wire, so that they are a little higher and better displayed. I can then also aim the bud better, where I want it.

Another arrangement was a compact sweetly tied bouquet, where I had put almost everything on wire. I particularly unwound the stem with pampas grass.

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