Kristina Rimiene: Nymph is a lily indicating royalty

Nymph is a lily that is royal

Beautiful lilies with huge buds and huge blooming flowers! That's what immediately comes to mind when someone asks me what I think of the lily Nymph from Bredefleur, a grower known for producing beautiful flowers.

And I must admit that I fell in love with these flowers from the very first moment. The flower arrangement project I created with these lilies was meant to be bold from the beginning.

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My design with lilies

So I used an extending structure of wooden sticks attached to each other and a set of different vases in deep sea blue. The elegant and calm shape of the lily blossom with its combination of white and dark pink color gave me the opportunity to use a wide spectrum of flowers that varied in so many different shapes and colors, starting with pale pink fluffy chrysanthemums, orange bud bushes and euphorbias or needle-shaped leucospermums and ending with dark red dahlias and spread astilbes.

This type of lily has a very long and strong stem with beautiful leaves and many buds that gradually grow into beautiful flowers. So every time we have them arranged in our design, we can expect an excitement of change and a long-lasting statement of regal beauty!

Creating the floral composition

When I these lilies saw for the first time, I was immediately fascinated. The huge number of buds and the promise of huge blooming flowers filled me with enthusiasm and anticipation. I knew I had to incorporate them into a bold and memorable flower arranging project.

Complementing their elegant and calm form combining white and dark pink, I decided to create the basic structure with sticks attached to each other to form a strong base for the arrangement and add an element of architectural interest. The deep sea blue vases I used enhanced the overall aesthetic as they perfectly matched the color palette of the lilies.

With the lilies as the centerpiece, I had the freedom to use a wide selection of flowers in different shapes and colors. With these flowers, I wanted to create a design that showed the beauty of the lilies while adding depth and aspect.

For me as a floral designer, one of the striking features of the lily is Nymph the long and strong stems, adorned with beautiful leaves and many buds. This characteristic creates a gradual and fascinating transformation as the buds gradually open into beautiful flowers. Every time I incorporate this flower into a design, I witness a recitation of nature's artistry. Such is the statement of royalty and beauty that these lilies add to any arrangement!


Mystical allure and royal significance of the Nymph

On my journey as a floral designer, I have come to appreciate the power of flowers to evoke feelings and create unforgettable experiences. And these lilies from Bredefleur are among the flowers that evoke these special emotions. This flower symbolizes grace, elegance and the allure of royalty.

But what really makes these lilies so special and captivating? Besides their beautiful appearance and fragrance, they also have a fascinating history and symbolism.

For example, did you know that these lilies are named after nymphs, the mythical creatures of Greek and Roman mythology? Nymphs were female nature spirits, often associated with water, forests, mountains ... and, of course, flowers. They were known for their beauty, grace and charm, as well as their ability to inspire love and creativity.

According to legend, lilies were created by the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, king of the gods. Hera was jealous of Zeus' affair with a mortal woman named Alcmene, who gave birth to a son named Heracles (or Hercules). Hera wanted to kill the baby, but Zeus tricked her into feeding him.

When Hera realized that she was feeding her husband's illegitimate child, she pushed him away and her milk flowed along the sky, forming the Milky Way. A few drops of her milk fell on the earth and from it the lilies were born! So these lilies were considered sacred to Hera and they symbolized purity, innocence and motherhood.

They were also a sign of royalty, as they were often used to decorate the crowns and scepters of kings and queens. In ancient Egypt, lilies were associated with the sun god Ra and represented rebirth and resurrection. In China, they were a symbol of harmony and unity because they had both male and female parts in the same flower.


Lilies prized for their beauty and elegance

Today, lilies are still admired and appreciated for their beauty and elegance. They are a popular choice for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and virtually any other special occasion. They are also a wonderful gift to express love, admiration, gratitude and friendship.

As you may know by now, I always enjoy working with lilies. In my work with Bredefleur, I have learned many ways to use these flowers in my designs. And the results are always remarkable.