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Geertje Stienstra: Inspiring and enthusing in the floral profession

Inspire and enthuse in the floral profession

My name is Geertje Stienstra and I live with my boyfriend and our two children in Heerenveen. My company is called: Geertje Stienstra Floral Designer and I am based in Heerenveen.

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Always working with the most beautiful flowers

After florist training, I attended and completed the Master Binder course in 2005. During that time I worked in several flower stores and garden centers. Also during that period I started my own business 'Geertje Stienstra Floral Designer'. I do not have a store but am a full time freelance florist.

Furthermore, I started competing, in order to get even more out of myself. During the 2018 NK, I achieved 3rd place.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to do many different cool assignments at home and abroad. I also do a lot of decorating for different companies, trade show decorating, I give guest lectures at schools, make flower arrangements for photography for different growers, give demonstrations etc. etc. Too much to mention. This is incredibly cool to do, because every week is different and you always meet new people. And because of course I get to work with the most beautiful flowers!

Sept 2022 nymph dark secret
september 2022 nymph dark secret

What is your passion in this business?

I have two passions in my life: family and flowers. To inspire and enthuse is what I want in the floral profession. With original, innovative and special floral work I try to surprise students, companies and individuals. By constantly inventing techniques and forms and combining materials, different from the usual, I always try to create something new, something special, something unique. For example, I also work a lot with paper.

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What do you like about lilies?

I always find the lily to be a powerful flower. The lily always stands out when incorporated into an arrangement. Nowadays there are so many cool varieties and so much diversity that you can really use this flower with everything. It is a joy to work with this beautiful product!

September 2022-1359-edited Brindisi
September 2022-1360 Brindisi

What do you think is the most beautiful lily?

For me, the Bowl of Beauty, the beautiful white double-flowered lily, always gets out. But the Apricot Fudge as a very special orange lily with the WoW factor, I really love it completely!

I love unusual species. Just a little bit different from each other. Just like my flower arrangements!

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What can you tell about the beautiful creations, which you made with our lilies?

In the arrangements I made as BFF September, I was able to go wild with the fall colors and lilies such as orange, pink, red etc. I loved coming up with all by myself what I could make with these beautiful lilies within the autumn theme. Am very happy with the result, if I do say so myself!

grand amour orginal love apricot fudge
sep 2022 orginal love apricot fudge
september 2022-1417 grand amour