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Upon seeing the red flowers of the lily Original Love, I began to dream of a forest full of red blooming beauty.


Red from love at first sight

All my life I have always loved to have a few red flowers around me, because they give me a sense of passion. This time it was the lily Original Love that accompanied me on this wonderful journey through the flower fields, and from that experience I want to share the following with you.

The lily in human history

In Greek mythology, the lily was the flower of Hera, the wife of supreme god Zeus. The story had it that the flower had sprung from the milk of her breast. According to a Roman myth, Venus, the goddess of beauty, was so jealous of the white splendor of these flowers that she caused a great pistil to grow from their heart.

In Minoan culture, the lily was considered something sacred, and thus the oldest depiction of a lily on Crete dates back to 1580 B.C. Because of its beautiful blossoms, the lily is now one of the most popular flowering plants on the market. Yet it is not only its beautiful appearance that makes this striking plant so attractive. Indeed, the lily is also an important symbol in a number of cultures, in part precisely because of its radiant beauty.

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The symbolism behind the lily

The lily appears in both the Old and New Testaments. In Christianity, the lily became a symbol of purity and chastity and was particularly associated with the Virgin Mary. The flower was also considered the symbol of death and symbolized the death of "silly" children and martyrs.

Symbolism with colors

  • The color white symbolizes purity and virtue.
  • Red symbolizes passion.
  • Rose symbolizes prosperity and abundance.
  • Yellow symbolizes gratitude and the need for pleasure.
  • Orange symbolizes confidence, pride and wealth.

The flower of my choice

For my blog, I chose a red lily because of its symbolism. Red symbolizes passion and "Passion Red" is the trend color for 2023 at Thursd's Floral. One of the reasons the lily is considered such a special flower is that it stays alive after it is cut. That's why you see it so often in arrangements for bouquets, vases and garlands.


From Bredefleur's collection of lilies, I chose the lily Original Love. This lily inspired me to create a unique series of photographs, for which I used the beauty, colors and fragility of lilies, in order to express the times in which we live today.

Combined with a very special location, it created a powerful contrast that actually tells the whole story: an old, burned down house that symbolizes hard times, and then those beautiful flowers that somehow always blossom again and gladden the world with their beauty, even under the most difficult circumstances. Although flowers are considered something very fragile, they are also very strong in that sense because nature has the strength to keep surviving.


The lily Original Love

The lily Original Love is one of Bredefleur's most popular lilies. This large and strong flower has the color of passion: a beautiful, warm red hue.

The Original Love is a variety that is only available from Bredefleur and that stays beautiful in a vase for a very long time. The flowers are of amazing beauty (as can be seen well in my photos); they fill a vase in a beautiful way and look just perfect by themselves.

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