"We want to work with suppliers, exporters and florists to look beyond just our own piece within the chain."

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As a company, our focus is on three points: Innovation, Connection and Inspiration

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Innovation keeps us on the move. This is in the supply of special varieties, but especially in making our product and its production more sustainable every time.

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We believe you need each other to grow. That's why we engage in conversation, working together to make that very connection and move forward.

Bredefleur inspiration


Our lilies inspire people all over the world, especially creative florists. Check out our collection here and get inspired.


Get inspired

Our BFFs inspire us daily, get inspired and check out our lily collection. What will you create? Click on the 'B' or go directly to our collection.

Check our collection
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Join our Bredefleur Friends (BFF) community and inspire yourself and others with your special creations!

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Working at Bredefleur

Not only do we provide an enjoyable and challenging work atmosphere, we invest in our employees to establish long-term relationships. This allows each employee to develop into an expert in his or her field! We are always looking for new Bredefleurders to expand our team, take a look at our working at page!

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Lily of the month

The Carbonero lily is a beautiful deep pink lily that can be enjoyed for a long time. When this lily is in the vase the buds open at the same time which gives an explosion of flowers. Because when the buds color it is already impressive, but when the flowers open there is no one who can resist this lily. Exclusively at Bredefleur!

Lily of the month
IAP Carbonero Bredefleur Mar 2023 -243

BFF of the month

We are naturally proud of our lilies and see that many creative florists share this passion with us. Our mission is to connect different chains in our industry, because we believe that together you can achieve so much more. By connecting our lily fans (BFFs), they can share inspiration and challenge each other creatively.

BFF of the month

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Through our blogs, we like to share a behind-the-scenes look.

Bredefleur continues to build for the future

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