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Bredefleur continues to build for the future

We have great news to share with you, of which we are very proud

"We acquired our neighbor's location in Moerkapelle, a former potted plant company. Through this purchase we are expanding our business by approximately 8 hectares of greenhouse. The current location in Moerkapelle will be integrated with the newly purchased greenhouses into a larger, future-proof lily nursery. This is because we see room in the market, as there is demand from customers for other products, but currently we do not have enough greenhouse square meters to meet the demand. This purchase gives us the opportunity to increase our quality, exclusivity and continuity. Furthermore, we are a young and ambitious company and we notice that the market is slowly depreciating, while the lily market is not shrinking. There is therefore room to develop further as a company and we are happy to jump into that gap," said Levi Evers, board member Bredefleur.